Fort Leavenworth

Tote N Chip

Basic tool safety skills class, 'Tote-N-Chip', was given for new members right after breakfast by Life Scout Michael L. 

Shotgun safety

All scouts and leaders were given special safety instructions on trap shooting . Hearing and eye protection was mandatory.


aimng instructions

Aiming instructions were next for the" low house" and "high house" targets.


deadeye max

'Ol dead eye Max'


best shooter of the day12 for 14

Best shot of the day, Ronnie C did better than everyone.


hiking in the fort

We went for a hike to points of interest in the Fort. One of the sites was the national cemetery.


group picture

This picture was taken at a spot overlooking the Missouri river. The cannon (hidden under the scouts) was used to defend the fort.


scenic view of the missouri river

A scenic view of the Missouri river.


formal retreat

There were several scout troops that participated with a formal flag lowering ceremony with our troop. A 30 mm howitzer was used to signal the rest of the fort that the flag was lowered.


new dads

A couple of fathers of new scouts joined us on this hike


two on the roof

No, this isn't Fiddler on the Roof


Two fathers

Of course dads have as much fun as their sons. Come and find out for yourself.


max and charlie

Two of the senior scouts from Troop 61. Leaders in the making.

Chef Emeril

Chef Emeril, where are you we we needed you?

leavenworth campsite

Let'er go 61! Fort Leavenworth campsite 

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