merit badge class

Astronomy merit badge class

moon geography

Moon geography

sam using a astrolab

Sam looks for the closest star with his astrolab. Each scout was able to build their own as well as make an 18 inch telescope.

space capsule

"Houston, we have a problem here, there is a human outside the capsule"

moon walk

We went on a tour of the space museum. This was one of many exhibits that are at the Cosmosphere. Afterwards, we saw a IMAX movie called Adrenaline Rush. If you are a person that believes in 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again' is not for parachutist jumping off cliffs.

group picture

Attendance for this hike was great! 
Most of Troop 61, March 2003


Football was one activity while dinner is being readied by the adults.

majic card games

Magic card game was a big hit with other scoutsbasketball

The rest of the scouts worked up a healthy appetite by playing basketball in the Salvation Army gymnasium.

sleeping in the gym

We used the gymnasium to sleep in on Friday and Saturday night. Several other troops were there too.

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