Bowling 61 style


On Oct 14th, we gathered for an evening outting to go bowling.

Bowling Oct 14, 2002

light as a feather

Light as a feather!

Court of Honor October 2002

Dr. Ellis award

Our Jonathan D. was awarded the prestigious Dr. Ellis Award at the Court of Honor in October. Jonathan D. was last summers camp scoutmaster. As seen here, the award was presented by Dr. Ellis's son. The Court of Honor also officially named the scouts in the leadership roles; from Senior Patrol Leader to Assistant Patrol Leader of each patrol. Other awards included earned merit badges, High Adventure- 50 miler awards, and recognition of a scout that has earned the Neir Tamid religious award. This medal will be given to the scout at the Scout Sabbath Service in February. Special awards were presented to scouts that recognized special achievements. Those awards are: Minnie Bayzman Award (Service to Others), Fred Bodker Award (Honor Camper), Arthur Herzmark Award (Advancement), Paul Bayzman Award (Honor Scout), Leonard Bayzman Award (Best Returning Camper), Etta Bayzman Award (Best First Year Camper).

Swim Party 2002

swim party

Troop members gathered for a fun outting. After taking summer vacations and doing things with our families, this was the first time we met since scout camp.

A Friend

Indian statue

The Indian Scout greets friends at the entrance to Lone Star and Sawmill. April 13th, 2002

April 13, 2002

troop hike

Hiking from the entrance to "The Point"

April 13th, 2002

troop rock

Troop 61's rock in Lone Star

April 13, 2002

An early look...

early look

This is the campfire ring at our new campsite for this summer, Ft. McKenzie in Piercing Arrow.


partial panoramic view

This is a partial panoramic view of our campsite for 2002,Fort McKenzie. It is a big site, spread out with lots of trees and a big campfire ring.

April 8, 2002

NWS rep

A representative from the National Weather Service came to talk about his job and the weather for the weather merit badge.

IBEX Climbing March 24,2002

IBEX safety instruction

Ben S. finishes his safety check before climbing: harness straps doubled back, tie in at fist width, 5 pairs of retrace through the figure eight, and finish with a tie off safety knot. And you thought Ron's square knot test was hard!


rock climbing

You can learn something new everyday. You learned how to do it, of course. But at the sametime you were having fun, you learned that you can build confidence in yourself by overcoming obstacles. Plus.. this wasn't about strength, it was about technique.


half way up the wall

Brad F. half way up the 40 foot wall. Did you see the head of the dinosaur? Keep climbing until you do, it's near the top

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