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The scouts had their own conservation project. Jason C. headed up this project which was to repair the fences with new lashings. This 'fence' helps promote grass and undergrowth to help prevent soil erosion. The boys pitched in and got the entire camp done in one afternoon. Great job guys!

The adults had several of their own conservation projects. This project was to expand and clean up the rock rings around the trees next to the dining hall. After this was done, shredded tree bark mulch was spread inside the rings. This will eventually decompose, keep moisture in the soil and allowing  grass to get a foot hold. Great job folks,  as well as thanks to the called warriors and braves to pitch in during their work day. 

Standing by to leave for formal retreat and then to closing night campfire. Full Class A uniform or Tribal attire only.

Graham F. made two advancements. One of our new  First Class scouts. 
Way to go Graham!

Some of our leaders in Tribal attire. . . 

Others in Class A uniforms

' Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man !'

Our newly elected Senior Patrol Leader, David C with some of the senior scouts 

Michael B. 

What a camp session for a first year camper! Three advancements and nine merit badges and still had time for fun while leading  by example.

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