Merit Badge Trivia

Eagle merit badges 1

Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Emergency

Eagle merit badges 2

Environmental Science, Family Life, Safety, Lifesaving, First Aid, Sports

Eagle merit badges 3

Swimming, Personal Fitness

NAME THAT MERIT BADGE..................

Merit badge guess 1

merit badge guess 2

Can you name these merit badges? You just might have to go look them up.

Before you chose that Merit Badge to earn, look here first
There is a chart available to review information on a particular merit badge. This information outlines the degree of difficulty of each merit badge, how long it will take you to earn it, how many requirements there are, prerequisites, and comments dealing with planning, research needed and projects completed. . . . . . To view this chart, click on the web address below. Click the "back arrow to return to our website. The address for Mr. D's Merit Badge Review is:

The following shows the latest revision date for the Merit Badge Pamphlets currently in effect (corrected to January 1, 1998) These dates may not necessarily correspond to either the copyright date of the pamphlet, or to the latest revision to the requirements for the Merit Badge. (The date is the date the CONTENT of the pamphlet was last updated).

Merit badge updates chart



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