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Further information on the Tribe of Mic-O-Say can be found on the web. There is a link to the web site found on our 'links' page or go to http://www.mic-o-say.org/
The Purpose of Mic-O-Say
The Tribe of Mic-O-Say is an honor camping program, based upon the intensification of the principles and ideals of Scouting. Its purpose is to provide recognition for boys who have demonstrated and proven their devotion to Scouting even beyond the extra mile. It is a boys program guided and inspired by adults. Adult leaders are brought into the Tribe so that they may interpret and encourage the use and application of those principles in the lives of boys. Ceremonies of Mic-O-Say are intended for the eyes and ears of members only. At no time should ceremonies, customs, traditions or any phase of Mic-O-Say be discussed with non Tribal Members.
A Short History
H. Roe Bartle originated the idea of The Tribe of Mic-O-Say while serving as Chief Scout Executive in Wyoming in the early 1920's. He became the Scout Executive of what is now the Pony Express Council in 1925. This is when he first introduced the program at Camp Brinton near Agency, MO. In 1928, Bartle was transfered to what is now the Heart of America Council. He established another Mic-O-Say program there at Camp Dan Sayre near Noel, MO. This Tribe, which is now the largest, was soon moved to a camp near Osceloa, Missouri. This camp was initially named Camp Osceloa, but later was renamed the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation. In 1935, the Tribe from Camp Brinton moved to Camp Geiger, near St. Joeseph, MO. Since these early years, the Tribe at the Bartle Scout Reservation has grown to over 50,000 members.
Ranks of the Tribe
There are two ranks in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say: (1) Braves and (2) Warriors/Honored Women. The two divisions of Warriors are Hardway Warriors and Honorary Warriors. Hardway Warriors entered the Tribe before their 18th birthday, whereas Honorary Warriors and Honored Women entered the Tribe after their 18th birthday.
Added Responsibilities "Paints"
Added responsibilities, often referred to as paint, may be received after reaching the rank of Warrior. As with entrance into the Tribe, these added responsibilities are not conferred automatically; they must be deserved. Tribesmen under the age of 21 may be elevated to the paints in the table below in the following order:
Firebuilder ---- Orange ---- Light and tend the fires of friendship and warmth 
Tom-Tom Beater ---- Green ----  Beat the tom-toms to call Tribesmen to ceremony 
Runner ---- Blue ---- Serve as messengers and escorts 
Keeper of the Sacred Bundle ---- Yellow ---- Protect the Customs and Traditions of the Tribe Shaman ---- Purple ---- Study to become members of the Tribal Council
Tribesmen who have reached the age of 21 may only receive white or red paint. Those Tribesmen that wear white paint are members of the Tribal Council, and those with red paint are members of the Council of Chieftains. Positions on the Tribal Council include Sachem, Keeper of the Wampum, Sagamore, and Medicine Man. Positions on the Council of Chieftains include Chief and Cheiftain.

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Mic- O-Say Dancers 

Geiger Mic-O-Say
Here is a web link address for the Camp Geiger Mic-O-Say tribe. http://www.micosay.org/ This address is almost identical to the H.Roe Bartle Mic-O-say. To go to the Geiger side, remember to omit the hyphens in the web address.


Web addresses for The Tribe of Mic-O-Say - Heart of America Council - BSA
This is the offical site: http://www.mic-o-say.org/ - This is an unofficial site. http://hostville.com/micosay/micosay.htm

H. Louis Chandler (Chieftain Falling Branch)
Louie Chandler was a inspirational leader in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say in the time that your Scout Master and Assistant Scoutmasters were entering the tribe. He has many stories to show you on his web site. Go to http://fbranch.freeyellow.com/newfile.html


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