February 2004 Cohen Retreat

This was a last minute change of plans type of hike. No special events, no schedule, just have fun.

We had a lot of time to play, talk and do special things like make rope from twine.

There was even time to study Torah, relax and read. The indoor facility kept us warm and comfortable.

We took advantage of the nine inches of snow to learn a bit about winter survival. The boys pitched in to build a snow shelter. Afterwards, everyone came inside the retreat building to warm up, have some hot chocolate and play board and card games.

Jonathan helped the boys finish the 'igloo', where he spent the night in sub-zero weather. The picture on the right is the inside of the shelter with his sleeping gear and candle lantern. A round plastic sled (dish) was used for a makeshift door over the opening. Jonathan said it was "cozy" inside.

Snug as a bug in a frozen rug.


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