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Visit to Raytown Fire Station


Troop 61 paid a visit to Raytown Fire Station for their regular meeting on March 22nd, 2004. Normal meeting agenda was accomplished with some planning for the upcoming weekend campout. Some fire safety instruction for Fire Safety Merit Badge and a short video "Countdown to Disaster" before the troop took a tour of the fire station and looked at the fire trucks.



A brief discussion and simple demonstration on Fire Chemistry and what elements it takes to make fire. These same things are taught on how a fire goes out. Can you name the parts of a fire tetrahedron?














Math Quiz time for future firefighters. This fire truck carries 500 gallons of water in a tank. Each gallon weighs 8.33 pounds each. How much does the water in the tank weigh? Why is this important for you if you see a fire truck coming towards you  with its lights flashing and siren going?

Answer 4,165 pounds, moving at 45 miles per hour PLUS the weight of the truck, men and equipment.... the answer to the second question is TO GET OUT OF ITS WAY!!


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