2004 Page 16          Squaw Creek

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Our Senior Patrol Leader

SPL David L shows how its done

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Tote N Chit refresher or just a way to get warm?

Ok, time to get busy and make this pile a wood into a fire.

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Scouts are prepared for cold weather camping by wearing proper clothing in layers. It was not as cold as previous trips, but the wind made it feel colder than is actually was. We had good  weather for the middle of December.

Big Lake (actual name) is the largest natural made lake in the state of Missouri.  It was carved out by the Missouri River channel and then closed off as the channel moved, leaving the lake. This state park is close to the Wildlife Preserve.

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The sign has double meaning to us. We are  proud of our Eagles. The newest Troop 61 
Eagle Scout is in the front row, far left.

The Squaw Creek Wildlife Reserve is a place  for migrating birds. This is a small portion of the Snow Geese that had stopped on 
their way south. The  presence of these birds bring American Bald Eagles to this natural food source. We saw many during our tour through the park.

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Here are a couple of close up views of these magnificent creatures

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Some people wonder why scouting outings are so popular, even in the winter. These pictures are but one example of God's gifts to us, explaining . . .why.

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